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Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of a diagnostic device

The challenge

A client wanted us to analyse the cost-effectiveness of a diagnostic device for stroke patients compared to standard treatment. Modelling the cost-effectiveness of any diagnostic device is complex because the value of the diagnostic device is dependent on the value of the treatments available for this condition. This model was particularly challenging because stroke patients can experience a diverse range of acute health events, including recurrent stroke and bleeding, with lifelong consequences.

The approach

Together with the client and leading experts in the field, we developed a robust model to analyse several comparators, risk of recurrent stroke and their impact on health and costs. We stress-tested the model results using alternative input values based on extensive review of the literature and expert opinion.

The outcome

The model that we co-created with the client worked well and was accepted as a publication in a high-impact academic journal. The publication was downloaded 500 times within the first 3 months. We continue to work closely with the client to help them understand the cost-effectiveness of further iterations of this device and other indications.

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